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About Us

Cesmic has been a leading provider of IT infrastructure services to medium and large businesses in Canada since 2001.

What sets us apart from our competition is our collaborative approach and IT focused expertise. At Cesmic, we never compromise on integrity. We invest the time required to gain a full understanding of your needs and environment before developing a plan for your ideal solution.

In fact, we are known in the IT industry for going the extra mile, often insisting on conducting onsite visits to better understand your needs and see your environment first-hand. Once we’ve met your team, understand the resources available and have a clear picture of your requirements, we develop a complete, custom solution to meet your specific needs.

We work collaboratively with you and your team to translate business requirements into planned enhancements. Through our in-depth planning and implementation processes, we assess, develop, and provide ongoing data centre infrastructure management services to maximize efficiencies and mitigate risk as well as maintain the design integrity.

Whether you draw upon our expertise, infrastructure advice or our assessment, implementation, and data centre infrastructure management services, Cesmic has all your IT infrastructure needs covered.

We provide IT infrastructure services to a variety of companies including educational institutions, boards of education, legal firms, healthcare, financial, software, media, construction, retail and public administration.

Our team has the expertise needed to ensure that you receive accurate, timely and thorough support throughout your project. By managing expectations through analysis, monitoring and proactive solutions, we are able to provide you with a complete portfolio of IT infrastructure solutions to support and grow your business.