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Green Efficiency

Cesmic has an environmental sustainability philosophy that includes deploying various strategies to ensure that our clients and their IT infrastructures meet their sustainability goals.

We have helped our clients reduce their carbon footprint in various ways including environmental recycling of obsolete IT infrastructure including legacy UPS and cooling units.

Cesmic continues our leadership role in sustainability by consistently providing data centre solutions with the latest technology and engaging best practices that result in efficiencies including reduced energy usage and increased sustainability.

Our "Free cooling" strategies for data centres is one area that Cesmic can make the largest positive impact on our environment while increasing ROI for our clients.

Our experience has shown that sustainability is not only good for business; it is also a personal responsibility and ‘the right thing to do’ to ensure our future generation.

"Free cooling"

"Free cooling" means to take advantage of environmental conditions to reduce or eliminate the need for mechanical cooling. By using a chilled water cooling system for data centres the client can implement a "Free cooling" system.

During the winter months, or anytime the outside air is cool enough, the chilled water passes through a water to air heat exchanger ("Free cooling" unit). This cooled water then passes through the chiller, if the water temperature is low enough; the chiller is satisfied and does not run.

During summer months the chilled water loop bypasses the "Free cooling" unit and is cooled by mechanical cooling in the chiller.

The client can also take advantage of shoulder periods where the "Free cooling" system will remove some of the heat from the system thereby reducing the load on the mechanical cooling system.