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With over 100 years of cumulative expertise in the field, we set the bar high in terms of knowledge and expertise both in the technical and business aspects of a solution. Our background and understanding of all aspects of data centre infrastructure allows us to create a complete and integrated solution. We consider each solution unique and each data centre an ecosystem.

Cesmic provides IT Infrastructure solutions in some of the highest profile, least fault-tolerant environments in Canada, including a media company where a loss of power or cooling to the data centre environment could interrupt online and onair programming; a mutual funds company where an outage in data centre operations could result in millions of lost dollars; and a hospital data centre where legacy systems managing patient records and applications will not withstand even a small degradation to the underlying infrastructure.

We pride ourselves on our ability to leverage both our extensive IT and business knowledge to fully understand your needs and provide you with a complete offering that takes into account every aspect of your data centre infrastructure environment.

Whether you require a turnkey solution, assessment, implementation of an existing plan, integrated data centre commissioning & testing or are interested in data centre infrastructure management & maintenance (DCIM), you can trust the Cesmic team to help you make the right decision for your IT physical infrastructure.