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Conducting an assessment of your data centre infrastructure is an essential and business-critical mechanism designed to ensure your infrastructure can support present and future IT requirements.

Cesmic specializes in assisting businesses to gauge their existing infrastructure requirements and constraints. We review your current environment to determine the baseline condition of the existing facilities as well as understand the condition/reusability of your infrastructure equipment. The Assessment also identifies any constraints within the existing data centre (e.g. utility power, base building heat rejection system and size of the room).

As part of our Assessment we work collaboratively with your IT and facilities management team to determine:

  • Criticality: this determines the operational criteria of the data centre operation;
  • Capacity: this determines the maximum amount of equipment that the data centre will support at the end of the study period;
  • Growth Plan: this determines the rate at which the IT organization expects to reach capacity and assesses the uncertainty involved in the capacity estimates.

Once your Assessment is complete, we present you with a detailed document outlining our findings, including any deficiencies and constraints. We also provide you with our recommendations to ensure the safe, efficient and cost-effective operation of your data centre.