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The implementation of your project focuses on the assembling and design of the infrastructure including accounting for any environmental impact, scheduling, budgeting, site safety, material availability and, of course, logistics.

On every project, Cesmic tests and verifies all elements under load conditions to ensure that the solution has been implemented correctly and is fully operational. Once testing is complete, Cesmic issues verification documents for your records.

We leverage our strong relationship with manufacturers and partners to coordinate, order and ensure delivery of all equipment and materials required for your project.

At Cesmic, we work closely with IT stakeholders to understand their challenges, address implementation concerns and resolve any consequences that may be involved.

We recognize that critical IT physical infrastructure has absolutely no tolerance for learning curves. As experts in data centre infrastructure implementations, the Cesmic team is dedicated to ensuring trust and integrity are maintained with IT stakeholders and the entire project team.

Our proven methodology significantly reduces the risk in implementing changes to our clients’ IT infrastructure. By having direct involvement with IT decision makers in the initial stages of IT infrastructure projects, we help eliminate the risks, additional costs, delays and accountability issues that take place with traditional approaches to implementation.

Our flexible approach allows us to collaborate with your preferred engineers, project managers or contractors. Alternatively, we are able to supplement additional specialized project resources to ensure the complete success of the IT infrastructure project.

Overall, we provide expert IT infrastructure resources focused on implementing a comprehensive solution that is first and foremost accountable to the IT stakeholders.