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Today’s modern data centre is an integrated ecosystem that needs to react seamlessly to load changes as a result of growth, consolidation and ever-increasing power and cooling densities.

Cesmic’s knowledgeable team ensures design integrity by not implementing changes to the physical infrastructure of a critical data centre without understanding how these changes will impact ongoing scalability and reliability as the load changes.

Integrated Data Centre Commissioning & Testing is a process that provides IT stakeholders with validation that the implemented changes to the data centre fulfill the original design and operational objectives for the project.

Cesmic manages a process where each critical system is vigorously tested under load to ensure that it’s sustainable and reliable. We follow this process with an integrated testing procedure, again under load, which means that all critical systems are tested simultaneously to drive out any possible faults or errors.

To ensure total accountability for this process, Cesmic mandates that manufacturers, contractors, engineers and others involved in the process be present during commissioning and testing. Cesmic also documents this process with the appropriate sign-off procedures to assure that the IT stakeholders that the original project design and operational objectives have been attained or surpassed.