Core Services Overview

Assessment & Evaluation

  • Assess needs and requirements
  • Assess existing availability and reliability requirements
  • Document technical environmental requirements
  • Identify gaps and risks
  • Review and understand stakeholder insights
Technical Advisor
Success Stories

Conception & Strategy

  • Create a strategic vision
  • Incorporate relevant industry best practices
  • Factor in a response to operational challenges
  • Accommodate organizational challenges
  • Develop a plan with sustainable solutions
  • Provide a budget with milestones timelines
  • Submit for client review and approval


  • Assemble project team in coordination with client stakeholders
  • Secure critical manufacturers with existing direct purchase agreements
  • Secure key subcontractors for project commitment
  • Commit necessary resources to project
  • Ensure deliverables will meet project milestones timelines
Preventative Maintenance
Assessment & Evaluation

Implementation & Integration

  • Deploy highly trained team of technical staff
  • Coordinate directly with all project stakeholders
  • Verify that all technical dependencies are identified
  • Set up critical equipment, assembly and certified testing
  • Integrate commissioning and verification
  • Ensure comprehensive client training and education

Managed Maintenance & Sustainability

  • Arrange preventative and corrective maintenance
  • Secure on-site emergency response
  • Manage and coordinate on-site maintenance
  • Guarantee warranty management
  • Create single source and multi-vendor agreements
  • Arrange monitoring
  • Secure modular revitalization and modernization services
  • Implement lifecycle management
Assessment & Evaluation

Core Services Overview


Technical Advisor

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance


Lifecycle Management


Installation Services


Integrated DCIM Monitoring Services



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