Entertainment Media Firm

Jan 19, 2021 | Case Studies

Strategic Vision and Business Drivers

This entertainment media firm is a unique organization that depends on high density computing to support an on-site workforce. The computing power required to accommodate the rending for animation results in high-density UPS loads and associated cooling. Entertainment media firms are also subject to IT load fluctuations, depending on the organization securing multiple client contracts and specific project requirements. In some cases, entertainment media firm will expand or contract their organizations and IT infrastructure based on their current business or pipeline of projects. This organization, like many others, leveraged the requirement for relocating their offices to refresh and modernize their IT infrastructure facilities. This relocation project is a solid opportunity for the organization to modernize by implementing modular IT infrastructure, making it both scalable and flexible to ongoing business demands.

Challenges and Obstacles

For this entertainment media firm, IT infrastructure is critical to the operations and profitably of all ongoing projects. Unlike many other organizations that have some dependency or redundancy with off-site or cloud computing, its computing is all on-site to support the critical rendering. The cooling load and density is very challenging for the IT infrastructure and must be carefully considered and implemented. Successful incorporation of redundancy, as well as the reliance on the fundamentals of modern IT cooling infrastructure, are critical for providing a reliable environment for the rendering operation.

Innovation and Road Map

The relocation project for this entertainment media firm involved critical power and cooling infrastructure, which required a high degree of planning and phasing to ensure the business operations were not significantly impacted. Attention to detail, critical planning, and incorporating contingency planning were mandatory requirements. Further, collaborating with IT and facility stakeholders in the planning process helped all parties understand the project vision and ensure the implementation and delivery, and that expectations were exceeded.

Lessons Learned

As trusted advisors to the IT stakeholders for the entertainment media firm, Cesmic helped ensure all critical aspects of the new data centre relocation project were successfully executed. Cesmic was intimately involved in the entire process, from initial conception and planning to the successful implementation and operational commissioning. Collaboratively working with all project-associated parties, the firm relied heavily upon Cesmic as a valued resource throughout the execution and the delivery of this mission-critical project. Its success had a critical and direct impact on the ongoing operational and financial viability of the entertainment media firm.

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